About Us

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Our mission is to be the nation’s preeminent name in high-end automotive experiences and lifestyle events. From the racetrack to the back-roads, our goal is to provide curated experiences that are unmatched by mass-market alternatives.


Ingram Experience had a humble beginning back in 2016. Rory Ingram (son of late Bob Ingram, Founder of Ingram Collection) acquired a Synergy Racing Porsche 997 with the intention of developing his driving skills and continuing the family legacy of being a caretaker to Porsche’s rich history. Rory and his group of friends were enjoying a beautiful day at Virginia International Raceway when the idea struck. Tired of crowded driving programs and over-commercialized track days – Rory was presented with the idea of hosting intimate groups of enthusiasts at the track.

If you have ever crossed paths with the Ingram family, you know the name is synonymous with gracious hospitality and an obsession with quality. Rory’s passion for Porsche and camaraderie manifested itself in his private track days, which garnered the attention of some of the industry’s most prevalent people. This organically fostered community shares two beliefs that are integral to the essence of Ingram Experience – a mutual respect for Porsche’s engineering masterpieces, and that the extraordinary people involved in the community are the lifeblood of the brand