We are proud to host our Ingram Experience track days at Virginia International Raceway, world renowned for its exceptional layout and technical challenges. Our goal is to provide guests with the opportunity to experience Porsche the way it was engineered to perform. Uninterrupted track time and exclusive insight from professional coaches will make this event unlike any track day you’ve had before.




Our experience doesn’t stop at the track. As a proud supporter of our nation’s veterans, we’ve partnered with Racing For Heroes Tactical Mobility to provide safe, hands-on, tactical training and experiences. RFHTM is a government, law enforcement, corporate event, and team building training facility. Instruction is led by special forces veterans specializing in tactical driving, shooting, and situational awareness training. Challenge your communication skills, decision-making capabilities, and take home a new arsenal of life saving knowledge. It’s the perfect addition to your day at the track or corporate event.




Be our guest at the Ingram Collection, a private assemblage of Porsches representing seven decades of the automotive manufacturer’s rich history. As it stands today, the Collection is one of the single most heralded Porsche collections in the world, bringing people together from all corners of the globe to lay eyes on some of Porsche’s most distinguished models.

The genesis of the Collection began over 50 years ago in 1971, with a man and his budding love for Porsche. While going for a ride through the mountains of Highlands North Carolina, a young Bob Ingram, founder of the Ingram Collection, was given his first opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Porsche. After a winding drive through the mountain roads in a 1970’s Porsche 911 S, Bob was hooked. He recalls telling his wife, Jeanie, later that day; “One day I’ll drive a Porsche”.

Fast-forward 20 years to the early 1990’s, Bob would fulfill his goal and purchase his first Porsche. A slightly used 1992 Porsche 964 911 Cabriolet with only a few hundred miles, it was nothing short of a dream car. To call this the beginning of the collection, however, wouldn’t be accurate. The Ingram family came from humble, mid-western beginnings. Bob, being raised in rural Illinois by his single mother, was instilled with a hard work ethic, always putting his family and his career as top priority. So, for years his love for cars took a back seat in life with the intention never being to own more than one Porsche at a time.


This would all change in 2003, when Bob would retire from his job as CEO of GSK in favor of pursuing new business ventures. With this shift in his professional life and additional time, Bob would have little reason to further quell his passion for Porsche. New additions were soon made to the Ingram family’s stable of Porsches, with a 993 911 Coupe and Turbo S Coupe being the first. From there the Collection continued to grow, becoming a living breathing testament to Porsche automotive excellence and the family’s passion for it. From the classic fiberglass racecars of the 1960’s, 356 Speedster and 550 Spyder, to the modern racecars, GT models, and 918 hypercar, the Collection tells a story that many can only dream of reading.

As the Collection grew to what it is today, Bob’s sons began to share in their father’s passion. Working alongside their father to curate the Collection, two of Bob’s sons founded their own successful ventures building on the Porsche legacy their father has created. Cam Ingram is the founder of Road Scholars, a world renown vintage Porsche sales and concourse level restoration shop. Founded with vision to work alongside his father in the Collection’s curation, and eventual restoration, Cam has grown Road Scholars into one of the biggest names in automotive restoration at the concourse level. He and his team have played a major role in placing several of the collection’s vintage cars on the podium at some of the world’s most prestigious automotive shows. Rory Ingram oversees much of the Collection and went on to start the Ingram Experience, a lifestyle and event company focusing on sharing the family legacy through automotive and track events.

The Collection is both a time capsule of historic elegance and an homage to the brand’s modern automotive precision. We invite our guests to step back in time and experience the captivating stories that accompany each car. The soul of the Collection is woven into the history of the cars and the people who have served as their caretakers over the years. Ever evolving, the Collection is masterfully curated and maintained by the Ingram family.

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We proudly offer curated packages to corporate clients for events, team building, executive retreats, top-performer rewards, and more. Our signature package is a three-day experience for groups of 6-30 participants. We offer a concierge service to assist groups with planning their lodging accommodations, coordinating conference space, securing dinner reservations, and facilitating group transportation to and from each event. Experience it all with a private tour of the Ingram Collection, private track day, and immersive tactical driving and shooting activities. We will adjust the schedule and activities to best suit your preferences and group size.



At Ingram Experience, we offer guests the exclusive opportunity to learn the limits of their own vehicle in a controlled environment.


Signature Experience

Signature Experience
Aluminum six-cylinder mid-mounted boxer engine, rigid mounting
313kW (425hp)
Rigidly mounted performance-based 6-speed PDK-gearbox (DCT, dual clutch transmission). Rear wheel drive.
1,320 kg (2,910 lbs)

Safety Specs

  1. Fully integrated roll-cage complying with FIA Homologation Regulations for safety cages.
  2. Roof hatch complying FIA regulations.
  3. Recaro race seat with longitudinal adjustment and padding system for adaption to individual driver (complying FIA Standard 8862/2009 - newest FIA requirements).
  4. FIA certified towing loops at the front and rear.
  5. Six-point safety harness.
  6. 80 liters FT3 safety fuel cell with Fuel Cut Off safety valve according to FIA regulations.
  7. Emergency switch in cockpit and exterior emergency switch at lower left of windscreen frame.
  8. Electronic dynamic stability system PSM (Porsche Stability Management) with ABS, traction control and electronic stability control to switch-off separately.
  9. Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).
  10. Handheld fire extinguisher.